Task 36
Task 36
SHC Task 36

Solar Resource Knowledge Management

Project (Task) Scope

This task focuses on the development, validation, and access to solar resource information derived from surface-based and satellite-based platforms.   The task will investigate benchmarking and data quality assessment procedures for data products and validation data sets, examine means by which the data can be made easily available to users through various web-based hosting schemes, and conduct studies on improving the input data sets and algorithms from which satellite-derived products are produced, including the investigation of short term forecasting and past and future climatic variability of the solar resource.


Knowledge on solar resources is highly important for all forms of solar energy applications. Therefore Task 36 is conducted as a collaborative Task together with the IEA Implementing Agreements SolarPACES (Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems) and PVPS (Photovoltaic Power Systems). It was agreed by both partnering Implementing Agreements, that SHC co-ordinates the task. Co-operation is based on “minimum level” according to the SHC “Guidelines for Co-ordination with other Programmes”.